Penis Extender Advice – This is what you have to know!

Our Penis Extender Advice suggests you to be clearly aware of the fact that penis extender is among those included in the penis enlargement devices. There are also a lot of choices in store for you to settle with the right choice of penis extender as part of penis enlargement exercise program. Nevertheless, it is just essential to end up with the right buying decision.

Learn more about the penis extender through our Penis Extender Advice. What is a penis extender? How to use a penis extender? What is the best extender to find on the market? What to consider before you buy a penis extender?

Penis Extender Advice – The Essential Things to Consider

When you choose for the penis extender, consider the following essentials below:

  • Stretch– A penis extender is specifically designed in meeting its purpose of stretching the penis. Thus, this one is significant in buying a penis extender.
  • Scientifically Proven– As part of this Penis Extender Advice, you must choose for a penis extender that really helped lengthen the penis.
  • Research before Buying– There is first a need to do the research before buying a penis extender. See how it specifically adjusts and how it attaches. There must also be a money-back guarantee and instructions that need to be followed.

How to Use a Penis Extender?

Penis Extender Advice

It is significant to consider the extender instructions before anything else. The instructions are usually provided by the manufacturer. Since each extender is somehow slightly different, the following instructions apply in using a penis extender.

PrepareJust like men who prepare for it, they first wrap the frenulum through the use of a cloth or gauze. The logic here is that it protects the sensitive part or the so-called frenulum after rubbing on the cradle.

Attach the Strap– Attach the side of the strap to the cradle in order for it to stay intact. This is especially when you have applied it to the penis. You will also have to leave the strap not attached on the extender that corresponds with the dominant hand. If ever you are a right-handed person, you could just leave the right side of the strap not attached.

Place the Penis in the Extender– You need to take hold of the penis right below the glans. Using your left hand, have the glans pulled toward its cradle. Once you have it in place, just have the strap slided up the penis. Other men somehow like the idea of giving a little distance between the glans and the strap. This will promise additional comfort and protection to the frenulum and glans.

Have the Straps Protected-Place the strap exactly on the opening in order for it to be secure and for the penis to be held just exactly in place. The one side of the strap needs to be secure as well to the extender using your dominant hand. Also, ensure that enough tension will be given to the penis for it to stay intact and for the glans not to slip out of the grip.

Tighten the Straps Again-When you already have strapped it in perfectly, have the tension rods adjusted until you have felt comfortable with it. Never over-stretch your penis and never overdo-it because it might end up not productive. This will only leave you with an injury.

Apply Heat– Apply some heat like a warm rice sock which is such a recommended and optional step. This heat will then push the penis to its malleable and plastic state easily. This also encourages a good blood flow throughout the penis. Even though lots of heat sources could be used, you should always remember that wet heat source could not be applied. This must not be applied for it only leaves the metal parts rusted

Wait– All you have to do is to wait while you lie down or you sit down―like watching television, reading a book and making use of the computer while you are using the extender. You must not move around the room because you might lose your grip to the extender.

Penis Extender Advice – Buying Tips for Penis Extender

phallosan forte

There are simply a lot of buying tips to consider for penis extender and these are as follow:

  • Search for Ways to Fasten it into the Extender

Doing so helps you get the comfort that you are most in need of. The way you fasten it without or with foreskin is necessary. This way, you will be able to find the right extender that best works for you. Other extenders basically use both strap and noose while some have chamber that features ancillary latex. There are also add-on parts that could help change the extender. There are some extenders that feature foam wraps or padding. These will permit you to wrap a layer just about the shaft.

  • Comes with Money-Back Guarantee

Penis extenders usually come with a money-back guarantee. You just have to be extra patient in seeing the right penis extender that lives up to its guarantee. This is part of Penis Extender Advice that you need to really consider. This will be a big step for you to benefit more from the penis extender.

  • Must Come With Additional Parts

When you decide to buy for a penis extender, you need to find for one with various rod lengths. This way, you can complement it well with your flaccid length. When your penis has grown over a period of time, you may now add for additional length. In addition to that, you also need to search for a penile extender for your replacement parts. You also need to think if you will need extra straps, nooses, comfort cushions, pads, replacement parts and a whole lot more. Other significant parts may as well be expanded and may be replaced by yourself.

Penis Extender Advice about Facts of Penis Enlargement

In all of those things mentioned above, there are still certain facts that need to be considered about penis enlargement. These are as follows:

  • Comfort– In the penis extender that you choose, it should comfortably suit your penis and it should never hurt you. If it does hurt, it will only mean a waste of your money and time. If ever you cannot wear it for six hours in a day, it will mean wasting time in not achieving the real enlargement.
  • Tested-The penis is by far considered as the most significant parts of the body. Thus, the penis extender to choose must go through a clinical trial. If not, this might potentially give its higher risk and may just damage the most favorite part or the most climax of all, sex life.
  • Safety– The materials of penis extender must first be tested and must be secured to be anti-allergic. The extender must not also bring damages to the penis or is might just upset you. There must also be no latex or sharp edges for it might bring injuries and allergies. If there is a loop contained in it, it might only bring congestion. This might only lead to emergency operations in the long run.
Penis Extender Advice ― Penis Extender Products to Choose From

#1 SizeGenetics:

sizegenetics penis extender

Size Genetics is considered as among those most popular extending devices that can be purchased on the market today. Actually, it has already been around for twenty years and it has survived all critics and tests that only leave customers happy. It has already been endorsed and clinically tested by famous doctors. It also garnered a lot of positive reviews from users for the comfort it brings.

You can read my detailed analysis of this product here – SizeGenetics Review and Results – Does it work ?

#2 Phallosan Forte:



Phallosan Forte is an application which can be worn for up to twelve hours or even at night. This also works on the rule of a belt that should be worn invisibly and comfortably underneath the clothing. This also specifically enlarges the glans or the head of the penis.

You can read my detailed analysis of this product here – Phallosan Forte Review and Results – Does it really work ?

With these products already have been mentioned for you, you definitely should not settle with any other thing like pills and pumps. Pumps are likely to cause injuries and damages to the penis. These have not been certified to be used for erectile dysfunction. These do not also help enlarge the penis the permanent way.

Even pills do not likely increase the penis and do not help promote cellular structure. Only if there is a pill that creates newer cell material in the body area, you could just develop a pill that helps stop the growth of cellular cells. The pills and the ingredients they have are nothing but just dietary supplements.

Penis extenders are really proven safe as long as the instructions are followed. One only needs to be equipped and guided with the right information in order for it to be effective. Your penis gets bigger without getting worried of possible injuries. All those fears could possibly be avoided for as long as you make use of the right penis extender such as the Size Genetics and Phallosan Forte!

Now, you have already learned more about Penis Extender Advice!